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About Us

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We are not an exclusive club but a group of enthusiasts. We love coffee because with his powers can improve many little moments that make it unique in our lives.

Caffeine gives energy and enthusiasm, ideal for addressing the most intense moments. The wealth of aromas sharpens the senses and increases the ability of perception. The decaf, good and light, satisfies the senses but helps you stay relaxed and serene.

For us, the quality of the coffee is first of all, because a quality coffee is not only good but also easily assimilated and digestible, rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties.


Our Roaster is Nimex spa, a manufacturer of coffee for three generations, who, with passion and professionalism, works to offer its consumers a coffee that is always high-quality.

For over forty years, working the coffee, going to buy "green" directly in the plantations of Central and South America (Mexico, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Panama ...), then select the best quality, takes care of transport to in Italy in Canzo, in the province of Como, in roasting, where the raw coffee is roasted in accordance with the more traditional Italian system, integrated systems and technologies.

In Nimex, the primary aim has always been to maintain constant the quality of its mixtures.

Control systems

Our production process is monitored constantly by different control systems that allow to better manage the production and processing of the final product. We must put the customer aware of these procedures to ensure an end product certified and tested, synonymous with reliability and quality that has always characterized the products. 
Control Systems: 
• Control Production cycle 
• Weight control 
• Control of residual oxygen 
• Quality control with dedicated counter 
• Environments working at constant temperature and controlled 
• Certifications annual Phyto-Sanitary on all products 
• ISO certification in progress

Quality Certification

The HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) is a system of self-control that every operator in the production of food must implement in order to evaluate and assess hazards and risks and establish control measures to prevent the emergence of problems hygiene and health. 
The HACCP system is born from the need to ensure the safety of food, aiming to evaluate at every stage of production food safety, thus implementing preventive measures, without concentrating the control activities only on the finished product. 
The whole production process is subject to the checks and verifications provided at the time by the Legislative Decree 155/97, Reg. 852/04, self-control plan based on risk analysis and critical control points by implementing the HACCP method. HACCP was introduced in Europanel 1993con Directive 43/93 / EEC (implemented in Italy with Legislative Decree 155/97), which provides for the mandatory application of HACCP to all food business operators.

Coffee Guru also set out to monitor the entire process chain of production and distribution of food to ensure its customers the perfection and the safety of their food.

About Us

* Coffee Guru ® is a registered trademark owned by SEA MANAGEMENT srl - Corso Europa, 14 - 20122 Milan - Italy, which is in no way connected to the company Luigi Lavazza Spa ® - Société de produits Nestlé ® knows that own the respective brands