Our Roaster is Nimex spa, a manufacturer of coffee for three generations, who, with passion and professionalism, works to offer its consumers a coffee that is always high-quality.

For over forty years, working the coffee, going to buy "green" directly in the plantations of Central and South America (Mexico, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Panama ...), then select the best quality, takes care of transport to in Italy in Canzo, in the province of Como, in roasting, where the raw coffee is roasted in accordance with the more traditional Italian system, integrated systems and technologies.

In Nimex, the primary aim has always been to maintain constant the quality of its mixtures.


The Roaster, bought lots of coffee, "green", the selected product and studied mixtures, has the task of transforming the product worked and ready for consumption: toasting or roasting. Generally, this process occurs at a temperature that reaches 190-230 ° C and is prolonged for 10-15 or 20 minutes, depending on the quality of the coffee. Coffee can be roasted for single origin or already in the mix. For roasting coffee using a machine that consists of a rotating cylinder surrounded by a heat source, in which it introduces the green coffee. During the step of roasting the coffee beans undergo substantial variations both from the physical point of view and from that chemical.